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    Full refund if your car doesn't sell in 30 days
    Full refund if your car doesn't sell in 30 days
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      Full refund if your car doesn't sell in 30 days
      Prices are exclusive of 15% VAT
      Full refund if your car doesn't sell in 30 days

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      Success Fee Pay later
      Only applies when we sell the car*
      Pay now
      SAR 99

      To certify your car and take professional pictures

      * Once CarSwitch collects a non-refundable deposit from a qualified buyer to secure the sale of your car
      Rated 4.9 out of 5

      More about Success Fee

      When is the success fee paid?

      You pay the success fee to CarSwitch only when we find a buyer for your car (at a price you accept) and we secure a deposit

      Why do we charge a success fee?

      We take on all the costs and efforts of selling your car including advertising on various platforms, speaking with potential buyers, filtering them for seriousness and arranging and attending test drives to sell your car as quickly as possible and at your asking price. It’s a very involved operation that we need to support financially, but we only ask to be compensated once we’re successful - so it remains risk free for our sellers

      Does the success fee change if the car sells for a lower amount?

      No, the success fee is a fixed service fee which we communicate and agree on up-front so it’s a transparent experience. You remain in full control of your asking price for the car, and so can add our success fee on top to not affect your earning

      Does the success fee change if the car sells for a higher amount ?

      You can’t increase your asking price after the car has been inspected. So the asking price you set right now is the maximum you can get for your car. Our success fee remains a fixed amount.

      Home/Office visit

      We visit your location to create a premium ad. This includes:

      • High quality professional photographs
      • 360 view - car buyers love this!
      • Car certification - we do a basic inspection to give buyers confidence

      How it works

      Book a home / office inspection visit

      A CarSwitch Specialist will visit your location to certify & photograph the car, including a 360 spin shot, to list on CarSwitch (Ad valid for 3 months)

      We find the right buyer for your car

      Your dedicated Switcher will handle every call to get you the right price - answer questions, filter seriousness, arrange test drives and join every step, at your location!

      We’ll handle the transfer

      Once you’re happy with a deal, we’ll secure the payment, assist with the paperwork and join you for the transfer to make sure it’s safe.

      Our success fee will be deducted from the car’s selling price.

      Why CarSwitch?

      Great Value
      +10-20% more than a dealer offer, by selling directly to individuals
      Safe & Easy
      Keep the car, we’ll bring buyers to you & secure payment - Fraud proof
      All Online
      You set the price, we handle the rest - at your doorstep!

      Take control of your car ad

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      How would CarSwitch sell my car in KSA?

      CarSwitch is a platform to sell and buy used cars in Saudi Arabia. To sell your used car in Saudi Arabia, simply fill out details about yourself and your car. We will visit your location to take photos, inspect, and advertise your car. We will also agree upon a success based fee in the event of a sale. Within a couple of weeks, we shall have a serious buyer for your car and we’ll arrange a viewing and test drive at your location. Once you and the buyer agree on a price, send us the required documents to transfer ownership of the car and close the sale. To buy a used car in KSA, all you have to do is book a test drive for a car that you like through our app or website. Then, one of our Switchers will get back to you to check if the timeslot you’ve selected is available. If you like the car, you can pay a deposit to reserve the car till you gather the money to buy it. We will help you out with the paperwork required to transfer ownership of the car.
      CarSwitch will provide you with concrete recommendations based on the car value calculator that account for your specific make, model, mileage, and historical data from thousands of past transactions. Ultimately, we aim to get the best price for your used car in KSA, and the testament is that we let you control it. In addition to that, you can review performance of your ad compared to other cars on the platform and reduce your price to get more traction for your ad through the seller portal.
      If you sell your used car in KSA before your insurance policy expires, then you will need to cancel your insurance. You are also entitled to a partial refund of the insurance. All you need is a copy of your ID or residence permit number (Iqama number) and phone number.
      Yes, you can sell a car if it is under a lease contract with a bank. It starts with you and the buyer visiting the bank with the required documents - Copy of the ID or Residence permit (Iqama) of the buyer and seller, driver’s licence of the buyer, copy of the buyer’s passport, proof of Saudi national address, salary certificate of the buyer with chamber of commerce attestation, bank statements of the buyer for the last 6 months. Once the approval has been received, the buyer makes the payments through SADAD.
      There are 2 ways to transfer ownership of your used car in KSA. The first one is from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is provide us with your vehicle registration licence (Istimara), Copy of ID or residence permit (Iqama), and ensure motor vehicle periodic inspection report (Fahas) is valid. The buyer must provide us with a copy of ID or residence permit (Iqama), and ensure that they bought valid insurance under their name. The buyer will also have to pay a fee for vehicle ownership transfer. Yourself and the buyer will receive an SMS through the Absher platform after the documents have been verified at which time, the buyer will be able to send payment for the car through the platform. The second method is attending in person at one of our partner showrooms. Here, you and the buyer will be present along with our sales agent. The documents required are the same as the ones mentioned above. The showroom representative will assist you with uploading all the documents, and once they have been verified, the buyer will be able to send payment for the car through the platform along with the fee for vehicle ownership transfer.
      There are 3 ways to sell your used car in KSA. The first is by using a managed service such as CarSwitch, where you can get the maximum value for your car without doing any of the work. The second is through dealerships, where you will sell your car for a lower price but can do so quickly. The third is through classifieds such as Haraj, which is a cheap alternative but you have to deal with the painful, and high risk process from coordinating with strangers to transferring your car on your own.
      We will work hard to help sell your used car in KSA, however, if you end up selling the car on your own, then our success based fee won’t apply. In addition, we will still guide you through the car ownership transfer process. We only ask that if you post your car on another platform, you do so by matching the listing price that you select on CarSwitch to give us a fair shot.

      Sell Car in Mecca

      Mecca is the holiest city and the cradle of Islam. Every year millions of people visit Mecca for not only pilgrimage (Hajj & Umrah) but also to visit several revered landmarks. With a bustling metro population of over 2 million, Mecca has become a busy city in this age. It houses some of the most expensive buildings and remains the center of many economic activities. Therefore, having your own car for commuting has become a necessity for many people in Mecca. But not many can afford a new car, and they always look around for a used car. If you own a vehicle and want a hassle-free way to sell a car in Mecca, then there are some easy ways to do that.

      Car selling can be a tedious task, and without the expertise of professionals, you may end up buying the wrong product or being duped completely. CarSwitch is the first and proper step for anyone looking to buy and sell a car in Makkah. Right, from advertising to wrangling over the price and collecting the deposit from the buyer, CarSwitch takes care of everything.

      How to sell my car in Mecca?

      With the ever-increasing religious and commercial activities and the vast improvement in transportation, Mecca has become one of the sprawling urban economies. A large chunk of the population in Mecca are millennials, which means either they have started their career or want to buy a car for their family but are low on budget. They want everything of the latest technology, features, performance and comfort but can only look for an affordable option in their budget range. Moreover, at the peak of pilgrimage, there could be a huge problem with public transport in the city, making it difficult for the people to travel to and from. Hence, to avoid such inconvenience, people prefer to travel in their vehicles and save their precious time and money.

      On the flip side, some people buy new cars every few years to maintain their status symbol and stay in line with the latest features and technologies. For these groups of people, the used car market seems to be the best option. However, one who owns a car and wants a new car in exchange might think it is easy to sell my car in Mecca, but it is not always the convenient way. Despite the blooming used car market, one might face difficulties selling his vehicle to the right buyer. Hence, platforms such as CarSwitch help such individuals find the right solutions.

      Is CarSwitch the best platform to sell your car in Mecca?

      Owning a four-wheeler could be a dream for many, and even if people want to buy or sell their car, most of them don’t know the correct procedure or don’t want to go through the complex process of documents and finding a genuine person.

      Being a novice, many people ask one another what is the correct and easiest way to sell my car in Makkah? While many others don’t have time to get involved in contacting the right person and then undergo long negotiation for grabbing the right deal. They just need the right helping hand to get them through. CarSwitch has been established as one of those finest mechanisms to sell your car in Mecca.

      We provide an intelligible process covering right from the valuation of the used car to selling them to the right buyer, including the complete paperwork. Although you may want to sell your car in Mecca as soon as possible, you must have apprehension about finding a bankable and reliable car dealer in Mecca who can provide the right price for your car at the comfort of your home.

      To solve this problem, CarSwitch has the most lucid and easily manageable process through which one can sell a car in Mecca within a day. You don’t even have to visit the branch for the valuation of your vehicle. Just visit the official CarSwitch website, follow the easy step by step process, and that’s it. You sit back and relax, and we handle all the remaining tasks.

      Here is the synopsis of how it works:
      • Convenient appointment booking online and car inspection by an expert at the comfort of your home.
      • We offer the best price for your car based on the evaluation.
      • We filter out the fake buyers from genuine and serious buyers for you.
      • Your car is advertised on our multiple channels and negotiated with buyers on your behalf.
      • No involvement of the superficial middleman as the process is fraud-proof.
      • You can sell your car in Mecca quickly, within a week or two

      Best car selling websites in Mecca

      The world internet family has become massive, and in this sea of websites, it becomes a very difficult and lethargic task to find the right place to buy and sell your car. This very reason is the root cause of establishing CarSwitch, which is one of the best car selling websites in Mecca. The online auto portal has grabbed a leading position in the online car business. CarSwitch gives access to buy and sell all types of used cars right from budget to mid-range, luxury and performance.

      The first-class customers, who sell their cars regularly, and the economic customers, who desire to buy pre-owned cars to cope with the metropolitan city, are in equal numbers. And this is the reason CarSwitch has become one of the best car selling websites in Mecca haraj as there is an increased rate of sale of pre-owned cars due to the rising competition. With a keen eye for detail, our team of professionals will guide you through the process, apart from the free online AI-based tools you can use to get the best price for your car in a few minutes.

      You can just log on to our website or call our customer care executive for a home inspection of your car. Besides, you can also physically visit the branch for getting more experience regarding the showroom, how the system works and embrace the experience of selling cars. CarSwitch is the most organized online platform where all your struggle to buy and sell your car ends.