Additional Costs Car Buyers in Dubai May Face

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Buying a car in Dubai is one of the biggest investments we make. What’s more, there are some other additional expenses you have to be prepared as a car owner. Whether you’re considering another used car for sale in Dubai or want to hold on to the one you currently have, keep these additional costs in mind and prepare your annual budget accordingly. 

1. Parking tickets and Salik

You may not be aware of it but small car expenses such as parking fees and tolls can really add up over a year. The smart thing to do is to come up with an estimate for your monthly parking and Salik expenses. 

2. The amount you spend on quick fixes and big repairs

Of course, it is not possible to predict exactly how much your car’s fixes and repairs are going to cost you, but it is possible to make an informed prediction and hence, plan accordingly. Two common ways are: either refer to reliability indexes or look at your past repair expenses and work out an average for the future.
3. Prepare for the once in a while traffic fines

The truth is we all get traffic fines once in a while, no matter how careful we are. While we like to think of ourselves as safe and responsible drivers, it is difficult to completely avoid occasional slip-ups. The real question is how often the slip up occurs. 

4. Keep track of your next oil replacement

You can use the car manual for detailed information on how regularly car oil needs to be changed. When the oil is not replaced on time, it can damage the engine and other parts of the car, so never skimp on it. Depending on the length your daily commutes, figure out how often you would need oil changes and include it in your budget. 

5. Remember the most ignored cost: tires

We often don’t take the cost of tires into consideration while preparing the budget. As a rule of thumb, tires need to be replaced every 40,000 miles or so. Based on this and your usage, figure out how often you will need to do so. 

6. Insurance costs

In the UAE, it is mandatory to have car insurance and it is essentially a yearly cost, but because the time gap is long, it may be hard to remember. Every insurance policy is dependent upon the value of your car, your needs and your budget. 

Your final insurance policy may also be determined by the number of additional features or add-ons that you would like to include. They may include, GCC cover, roadside assistance, natural calamities cover, etc. 

Nevertheless, you can save on car insurance in Dubai by maintaining a good driving record, only picking the essential add-ons, and comparing different quotes.

So, there you have it, a complete rundown of the common extra car costs you can be expected to run into. You can also work towards lowering the maintenance costs of your car for some extra savings! 

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