7 Tips for When You Buy a Used Car in Abu Dhabi

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7 things to look out for before buying a used car in Abu Dhabi!
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A used car in Abu Dhabi might seem perfect from the outside, but it might have underlying problems due to which the owner is trying to get rid of it. Finding out that you spent all those dirhams on a dud car can be unnerving. To help you avoid this, CarSwitch.com lists 7 things you should check before buying a used car in Abu Dhabi.

Check the exterior for accidents 

Take a thorough look on the car’s exterior for any dents, cracks or mismatched paint. If a certain section of the car seems to have a different color than the rest, it’s probably been in an accident and the damage is covered with paint. You can also use a paint meter on different body parts and if the reading is high, it is an indication that the car has been repainted.

Verify the car specs

The used car market  contains cars with GCC specs as well as the imported ones (American specs). The latter might seem like a fantastic deal with a 20-30% discount compared to the one with GCC specs. However, cars with American specs do not come with a warranty. Also, the chances of them being in an accident in the US are higher. Before buying a car with US specs, have a look at the car’s history.

Odometer Fraud is a big no!

Always check the official odometer history as odometers can be easily tampered with. If the odometer doesn’t show a stable rise in the figures might have been meddled with. In addition, you can check the brakes, accelerator or clutch paddle and in case they feel worn out even at a low mileage, it is a red flag.

Check the tires and brakes

Daily driving can cause wear and tear to almost all car components, which is why it is important to maintain car tires as well as other parts. However, damaged tires and brakes can be extremely dangerous. Look out for signs which indicate that tires need replacement or that the car has faulty brakes. If the brakes have 20% or less left on them or the cars have less than 3mm of tread depth, they might need to be changed in a couple of months.

Check under the hood

The condition of the car can be easily judged by its engine. Take a peek under the hood to check if there is any excessive corrosion, worn out parts such as belts and check the car fluids. Leaking car fluids especially an engine oil leak can cause major problems and carries a hefty repair cost. Check the exhaust tips for any oil deposits as well as it might be an indication of engine oil leak. When you take the car out for a test drive, ensure that the engine is not overheating. 

Check the cooling system

While checking under the hood, you should also take a look at the radiator cap and bottle for any maintenance issues. If the levels are in check with the recommended levels in the owner’s manual, it’s a well-maintained car. However, chalky light brown deposits in the coolant are an indication of poor maintenance and can cost you later. 

Stay away from rusty exterior

A car’s exterior paint should be smooth if it’s in good condition. If you see any bubbles on the exterior, it is an indication of rust forming on the exterior. It can also be a sign of a clumsy paint without proper rust treatment or a paint done because of rust issues. 

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